Builders and Storage

If you do work that has some relation to construction, you’ll quickly find that storage can become an issue. Now, many companies simply deal with this particular problem by increasing the size of their premises or offices, so that they can store equipment and materials on site. However, this might not really be a viable option for many other people. For example, you may be a professional who is involved in construction work, but who operates as part of a much smaller company. Or you might even be a one person operation.

It’s not just a simple matter to have a large office or even warehouse, if you’re doing the work on your own, or just with one or two other colleagues. This is why it may be a good idea to look at your storage Christchurch options. It may be feasible for you to simply expand your storage by renting some additional space in a convenient location. This can be useful when you have larger amounts of equipment or materials, that you don’t need everyday, but that you want to be able to access conveniently.

Good Contractors and Quality

If you’re building something, or you’re planning to have some work done on a structure, you need to always remember that it’s so important to bring in the right people. A truly professional contractor is someone who is going to make the job easier and more understandable for you. Unfortunately, you can’t just assume that all contractors are professional.

Instead, you are going to want to be observant and ask the right questions, so that you can screen the good businesses from the bad. So for instance, if you are looking for a contractor who will take care of the outside finishing of your structure, you will want to take a look at the contractor’s track record. Has the firm done something like this recently? Maybe you can ask where it was done, so that you can take a trip over there, and check out the quality and staying power of the work done. You’ll want to hire someone that you know you can count on. Think Rock Solid Plastering, or something along those lines. In the end, this could really make a difference.

The Best Butcher Shop in Kumeu

Searching among the Kumeu Butchers for just the right combination of fair prices, good cuts of meats, and friendly service takes some time and consideration. After all, sometimes you get one, or two of these factors, but three? Well, that becomes a monumental task worth giving a few days of investigation by foot or by phone.

Luckily for all of us, the Kumeu butchers are a friendly lot, well-mannered and good with the cleaver.  When searching for the best butcher shop in Kumeu, what are the most important factors? Well, availability, for one. What good is a butcher whose shop is seldom open? Another is the quality of product. When purchasing meat, one wants the best cuts and the best quality, not a piece of questionable origin. Also, everyone is concerned about prices so we want a good, fair price, or even a bargain once in a while. Last of all, the customer wants to be understood. If the customer wants a large, special cut, we want the butcher to know us and our practices, our families, and our pocketbooks. If we tell the butcher we are having guests for dinner, we want that special piece of prime that was cut especially for our family and friends, because we want personal service. The Best Butcher Shop in Kumeu will have all these factors and more.

Need Work? Head On Down To Christchurch

These days there’s a bit of a lack of work going around, and there’s a lot of unemployment. If you can get a job in another city, even for a short term contract, and if its paid well enough to cover costs, than it may be worth it to travel to another city for that work.

There is always work in Christchurch, especially for builders, and there will be for a long time yet too. If there isn’t any building work for you in your hometown for the moment, you may want to seriously consider staying in a Christchurch motel for a little while while you do some building work in Christchurch, and then after the house is built you can go back home (or even consider moving to Christchurch if the job market is really dry!)

Think of it as serving your country. You don’t have to go to war and die in Gallipoli to serve your country you know, helping to fix up some buildings contributes just fine, and everyone involved should take pride in that.

The Best Christchurch-Based Web Hosting

Every builder needs a website in this day and age – that’s just the way it works. Even if you get a lot of word of mouth business, chances are you’re missing out on work that could grow your company if you’re not being found on the web.

In order to have a website, though, you need to choose a hosting company. Rather than getting caught up trying to dealing with an unreliable foreign host, we recommend using a service based right here in Christchurch – Hoopla web hosting NZ. Visit their website and give it a try!


Even Builders Need to Build Websites Sometimes

Nowadays it is important for any business to have an online presence. Its just the way things are these days, if you don’t like it you will have to get used to it. Plumbers, electricians, florists, and hairdressers all need an online facet of their advertising. Builders are no exception. Why? Because when my sink is broken, I jump on my computer, go to Google, and search for a plumber, thats why.

Perhaps building houses is your forté rather than building websites, and thats okay! If you were better at building websites you should do that for a living instead. You can make a very simple website with WordPress without too much effort and thats enough.

Be careful to back up all your work when making your company website. The last thing you need is to have to do everything all over again, just because your computer froze at the wrong moment. Use some USB backup software to back up your work, because you don’t want to spend more time than you have to working on your company website when you could be doing actual business.

backing up to a USB drive

Pest Control Services for Builders

Nothing creates a bigger pain for a builder than realising that a new build is infested with rats, mice or roaches. It’s important both for the progress of the build and the health of your staff to make sure any pest problems are dealt to quickly. This is where a high quality pest control service comes in handy – one phone call and the problem can be dealt with permanently.

This may mean a day off the building site, but if you use the right service they can handle it on your scheduled off days anyway so there’s no time lost on your build.  If you leave the problem alone too long you may find it spirals out of control and the site becomes unworkable, leaving a much bigger problem to clean up later on.

Using Focus Groups to Grow Your Business

Have you ever tried to run a marketing campaign that fell flat? I know the feeling. It can be very frustrating to launch a campaign that you think is going to be a massive success, only to end up watching that money go to waste. Often it’s only down the track that you realise what you did wrong (sometimes you never manage to figure it out).

But there’s a really good way to insulate yourself against these kinds of problems, and that’s by running online focus groups. A service like can help you get very valuable insights into what your customers will respond to, before you actually put together your marketing campaign.

Responsive Web Design for Christchurch Builders

If you’re running a building company in Christchurch, you’re no doubt pretty busy at the moment. The rebuild work has got everybody run off their feet. You might not be too worried about the state of your website right now – but you’d be wrong. Right now while things are busy is exactly the right time to be investing in your online side and making sure you’re set up for the future, so you can keep thriving once the rebuild boom finishes. It’s really important at this point if you’re investing to make sure you get a Responsive Web Design.

This means you’re getting a website design that is adaptable to smart phones and tablets. Internet browsing is shifting big time towards these types of devices, so if people can’t view your site on a mobile you’re going to be dead in the water a few years from now.

Services for Christchurch Builders

Things are crazy for builders rights now in Christchurch with the rebuild in full swing. Of course, builders need to rely on other businesses to help them out with the cleanup and other services following a build. This site is a resource to help Christchurch builders find what they’re looking for from other reliable businesses around the city.

Local’s Choice - these guys are really reliable and professional, and have great experience with EQC builder’s cleans. If you’re having trouble getting clean ups dne quickly and efficiently after a build or repairs, give Patrick at Local’s Choice a call. - one of the most trusted concrete polishing and grinding services in New Zealand. They are also really good for gym floor polishing and have worked on big projects like TSB stadium.

NZGrinders – owned and operated by the same guys that run Floorcoat. The main difference is that these guys operate nationwide and have more advanced equipment – in fact a ride on concrete polisher which is the only one in NZ. If you need help with polishing concrete these are definitely the guys to talk to.

Are you a builder in need of help marketing yourself on the web? We recommend getting in touch with Artizen Web Studio for web design and help with getting found on the search engines. If you really need professional assistance getting results for your business on Google, check out or read this article about Christchurch SEO services.

Helpful services for Chch builders